• 9th Sep 14

    PH exports sustain strong double-digit growth in July ‘14

    MANILA— Merchandise exports grew by 12.4 percent in July 2014, with higher revenues from manufactures and agro-based products, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported today that the value of merchandise exports grew to US$5.5 billion during the period from US$4.9 billion in July 2013. The Philippines posted the second highest exports growth among the major economies in East and Southeast Asia in July 2014, next only to China. For the...

  • 9th Sep 14

    Strong employment figures in July 2014 support inclusive growth targets – NEDA

    MANILA—Strong gains in the country’s employment in July 2014 show continued signs of dynamism in the labor market and sustained confidence in the economy, according to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). The July 2014 Labor Force Survey (LFS) revealed that the figures for employment, unemployment, underemployment, and the labor force participation rate all improved during the period. The number of employed Filipinos grew by 2.8 percent in July 2014 to 38.5 million from 37.4 million in the...

  • 6th Sep 14

    PDP targets in Industry, Services, & Financial sectors likely to be achieved – NEDA

    MANILA – The National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) is generally optimistic about the achievement of the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) targets for 2014 in the Industry and Services (I&S) sectors. Bright prospects are also seen for the achievement of end-of-plan targets in the financial sector. This is based on the initial results of an ongoing assessment and validation conducted by the Planning Committee on Economic Development, which met last September 3 at the Development Academy of the Philippines,...

Plans and Reports

The Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016 Midterm Update

The PDP Midterm Update realigns the government’s strategies to craft and implement concrete solutions to the country’s problems, and speed up the creation of high quality jobs, reduce poverty and achieve inclusive growth.It specifies indicators of efficiency and effectiveness to measure success, and is committed to quality-of-life targets such as creating the conditions for productive and remunerative work and improving overall well-being. Beyond income poverty, the Plan views poverty as deprivation in multiple dimensions, and thus approaches poverty reduction as also ensuring people’s access to health, education, water, sanitation, and secure shelter, among others. Read more