The 2017-2022 Public Investment Program (PIP) contains the rolling list of priority programs and projects (PAPs) to be implemented by the national government (NG), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), government financial institutions (GFIs), and other national government offices and instrumentalities within the medium term (or the plan period from 2017 to 2022), that contributes to the achievement of the societal goal and targets in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) and responsive to the outcomes and outputs in its Results Matrices (RM). These programs and projects may be financed using national government funds, including internal cash generated by GOCCs, in partnership with the private sector or through Official Development Assistance (ODA).


2017-2022 PIP materialsBackground on the 2017-2022 PIP Formulation Working Draft of the 2017-2022 PIP (as of 25 July 2017)
Memorandum on the Formulation of the 2017-2022 PIP
Attachment 2-A: Designation of Agency PIP Focal and Authorized PIPOL System Users
Attachment2-B: Confirmation of the Designated Agency PIP Focal and Authorized PIPOL System Users
Attachment 3: Confirmation Slip for the Briefing