The Public Investment Program 2011-2016


The PIP 2011-2016 shall serve as: (a) an instrument to tighten the planning, programming, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) linkages; (b) basis for public sector resource allocation and for pipelining public sector priority programs and projects (PAPs) for processing at the Investment Coordination Committee(ICC)/NEDA Board; and (c) basis in monitoring public investment performance in terms of achieving the goals and targets under the Philippine Development Plan(PDP)/Results Matrices(RM) pursuant to Administrative Order (AO) 25, series of 2011.

Working Draft of the Public Investment Program 2017-2022

As of July 25, 2017

The PIP 2017-2022 contains the rolling list of PAPs to be implemented by the national government (NG), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), government financial institutions (GFIs), and other national government offices and instrumentalities within the medium term (or the plan period from 2017 to 2022), that contributes to the achievement of the societal goal and targets in the PDP and responsive to the outcomes and outputs in its RMs.

PIPOL System

The Public Investment Program Online (PIPOL) System is an online database system, accessible to authorized PIP Focals of the National Government Agencies (NGAs), Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs), Government Financial Institutions (GFIs), Other National Government Offices and Instrumentalities, State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and the NEDA Secretariat, that manages data entry and updates on priority programs and projects (PAPs) under the Public Investment Program (PIP), which includes the PIP’s Core Investment Programs and Projects (CIPs) and Three Year Rolling Infrastructure Program (TRIP), including the generation of PIP/CIP/TRIP-related reports.

The system is designed to: (i) allow online submission by agencies of information regarding their priority PAPs, including program/project details and status updates; (ii) allow the NEDA Secretariat to review and validate agency submissions; and (iii) assist the NEDA Secretariat in generating reports.

The PIPOL System shall facilitate the Updating of the 2017-2022 PIP. The Updated PIP is expected to: (a) Serve as pipeline for big ticket priority PAPs for ICC and/or NEDA Board approval in 2018 and succeeding years under the current Administration; (b) Identify new and expanded or Tier 2 priority PAPs responding to PDP/RM outcomes that are proposed by the agencies to be considered in the FY 2019 budget, and succeeding fiscal years under the current Administration; and (c) Monitor the status of ongoing or Tier 1 priority PAPs responding to PDP/RM outcomes, especially those that have been approved by the ICC and/or NEDA Board, and recently included in the GAA with assigned Unified Accounts Code Structure (UACS) code.

The PIPOL System is accessible through URL: For the PIP Updating, the System will be open starting February 12, 2018 until 12:00 noon of March 28, 2018. An updated PIPOL User’s Manual will be available in the PIPOL System for reference and guidance.

For any queries about the PIP and the PIPOL System, please do not hesitate to coordinate with the PIP Secretariat through email address: or telephone number: 631-2165.